Our Approach

COHERIT believes that heritage planning and local economic growth must follow a new pathway from values to shared experiences to deeper public support.

In today's rapidly globalizing world, economic growth and local cultural sustainability must become inseparable goals, not competing visions.

Step 1

Understanding Values

We begin by providing important new perspectives about the communities you serve to recognize their needs and aspirations. Community ethnography, oral histories, targeted interviews, surveys, focus groups, and cultural mapping show which inherited values and visions your public shares. In this way, we can help you better connect with the unique community spirit that is the essential foundation for a vibrant creative heritage economy.

Step 2

Conveying spirit of place

Visitors seek authentic experiences and host communities seek to present their traditions and culture in a realistic light. Our approach helps you place the spontaneous, lively flow of local skills, events, and landscapes front and center for visitors and residents alike. The goal is to make visitors' encounters with the host community empathetic, resonant, and memorable.

Step 3

Fostering Sustainability

Long range planning for heritage requires foresight and a clear mission that will retain its relevance for years to come. New generations, new residents, new patterns of visitation continually create new heritage needs to be served. We will work with you to foster sustainability for your organization by reaching out to untapped audiences and widening your circle of public supporters and advocates.