services for Heritage Organizations & Cultural Agencies

to boost public support for cultural heritage

Coherit integrates new types of expertise to fill a broad range of unmet development and stewardship needs. We offer training and new tools to strengthen and improve the capacities of public agencies, the private sector, and NGOs.

Government Agencies

Understand what your constituency values and improve your communication with them.

When there's a disconnect with the local population, COHERIT can help strengthen your agency's public relevance, empathy, and trust. We'll help you get to the heart of the problem through:

  • Policy development, strategic planning, and programming
  • Development of the full heritage toolkit necessary to achieve sustainability in your mission
  • Heritage impact assessment and mitigation
  • Community development and outreach programs
  • Professional capacity building for current and new staff
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Web-based tools for managing heritage inventories

Heritage Non-Profits & NGOs

Sharpen your organization’s image and goals—and reach new donors and supporters.

Financial worries and the never-ending hunt for new sources of support can exhaust any cultural organization. COHERIT can help you achieve the core aims of your organization through:

  • Recommendations for how your organization’s identity and mission can be more responsive to current cultural trends
  • Outreach programs designed for underserved constituencies
  • Goal-oriented sustainability plans
  • Analysis of existing donor demographics and values
  • New communication tools to reach untapped sources of support