services for Museums, Heritage Sites, and Parks

to inspire imagination and interaction

Coherit integrates new types of expertise to fill a broad range of unmet development and stewardship needs. We offer training and new tools to strengthen and improve the capacities of public agencies, the private sector, and NGOs.

Heritage managers and curators

Engage new visitors with innovative ideas and powerful experiences.

The keys to heritage sustainability are emotional resonance and shared significance. Facts or multimedia alone cannot attract continuing interest by local residents and outside visitors.

Connecting a museum collection or heritage site with meaningful public values is the key challenge of 21st century interpretation. COHERIT’s innovative designs for museum and site interpretation include:

  • Cost-effective analysis and revision of current interpretation
  • Community focus groups for interpretive planning
  • Use of social media to build interest and solicit user-based content
  • Interpretive activities that emphasize intergenerational communication
  • Training workshops and material for staff to promote visitor-targeted interpretation